The Money Finders

If you would like to discover more prosperity in your life, consider playing the Money Finders game with Scottsdale CSL.  It’s easy and open to everyone!

How it works:  In addition to your regular tithe, look for and appreciate all of the serendipitous ways that God is at play in your life each week, whether someone buys you a lunch or cup of coffee, gifts you with tickets to an event or you win the lottery – nothing is too large or too small to be grateful for!

What to do: Write down all the ways that Spirit brings good to you each week and tithe 10% of that value to the Center and you keep 90%!  This game proves the spiritual principle, What we focus on expands.

Green Envelopes:  Scottsdale CSL provides free green envelopes at the welcome table for your additional donation.  Complete the front with your name and email so we can track your donations and provide year-end statements.

Money Finders

We love to hear your stories of prosperity!
You can submit them anonymously or acknowledged.

For questions, contact Group Coordinator: Rev Jill Clements