The Leadership Team at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living


Rev. Jill Clements
Founding Senior Minister

Rev. Jill Clements

Rev Jill founded the Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living in January 2015 after receiving her Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies in 2014 from the Holmes Institute, Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership. She has been a student of the teachings of the Science of Mind since 1999 and was called to ministry in 2010.

Rev. Jill practices the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit to continually evolve in all areas of her life. It is her joy to share this teaching with others seeking to expand in their understanding of life through their personal spiritual growth. She believes that we are all the perfection of God expressing in form and that we already have everything we need, even though sometimes we just can’t see it for ourselves.

Rev. Jill is originally from Virginia and has lived in Arizona since 1992. She has been a resident of Scottsdale since 1996.


Rev Lee Hite
Staff Minister


Rev Lee Hite

Rev. Lee has been a Minister of Religious Science since graduating from the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry in Seattle, WA in 1989, Ordained in 1993. He has served a Senior Minister for 3 Churches and assisted in 2 others. In the larger movement he has served as a local, regional, and national youth leader including 2 years as Chairman of Youth and Family Ministries. He also served on the International Board of Trustees for 3 years and taught in the School of Ministry.

He first walked through the doors of the Church of Religious Science in Redondo Beach Ca. in 1975. At the time the church was led by Dr. Frank Richelieu and his wife Anita. He knew he had found a spiritual home and immediately started classes with the “grown-ups” and got involved with the Teen group.

After spending 10 years as a Senior Minister Lee left ministry to pursue his own renewal, healing, and recovery. Over the course of several years, he was loosely involved with youth ministry and assisted from time to time as a guest speaker and workshop leader. His passions in ministry are teaching, speaking, and writing. Whether it be in classes workshops or Sunday morning services, participating in the learning and growth of our congregants is what brings him joy. After coming back to the Valley of the Sun in 2019 he began searching for a new spiritual home and chose Scottsdale CSL as his new home in 2021.

Lee works full time in the world for a major national veterinary practice as a maintenance technician. In his spare time, he is also building a Life Coaching and mentoring endeavor. He is working on a book of inspirational essays, daily readings and journal guides scheduled for completion in 2022.


Dianne Poole


Dianne Poole

I was introduced to many New Thought teachers and read much of their works voraciously in the 1980’s. Meditating with the Self Realization Fellowship teachings of Yogananda regularly in the early 1990’s in New York City, I returned home to Los Angeles in 2001. I was introduced to the Science of Mind teaching at the Agape International Spiritual Center and it immediately became the focus of my Spiritual studies.

The loving, intelligent, joyful understanding of our Oneness and our ability to heal and use our minds is transformational. I take such joy in learning more each day in the ever open and encouraging teachings of Ernest Holmes and others. It is powerful stuff, and a wonderful tool in choosing how best to live my life each day. My joy right now is in having an opportunity to serve in my Spiritual Community and help others discover the richness and love inherent in these teachings.


Colette Reuter
Vice President


Colette Reuter

I was introduced to Science of the Mind in 2007 when I visited my daughter in Arizona. She wanted to share the philosophies of Science of the Mind, and introduced me to this dynamic Reverend and speaker, Dr. Michelle Medrano. When I moved to Scottsdale in 2012, I was delighted to join New Vision. Eventually, I came to be a member of Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living and enjoy Rev. Jill and the teachings of Earnest Holmes, creating a way of life that has served me well. Scottsdale CSL has enriched my life and I am honored to give back to this community in my duties as Vice President of the Board of Trustees.


Valerie Barnhart


Valerie Barnhart

I have been studying the teaching of Science of Mind for over 30 years. I have recently moved from Northern California and find that life here is Arizona is a blessing. As Secretary for the Board of Trustees, I am excited to be in this community. It is enriching my life and touching others with this magnificent spiritual teaching. As I continue to grow and expand, I am personally focused on living my life in Grace.


The First Meeting of Our Founding Board of Trustees - May 17th, 2015
Rene Perdue, Frankie Pepper, Rev Jill Clements, Tom Gordon, Joe Hammer