The Leadership Team at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living


Rev. Jill Clements
Founding Senior Minister

Rev. Jill Clements founded the Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living in January 2015.

Rev Jill received her Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies in 2014 from the Holmes Institute, Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership. She has been a student of the teachings of the Science of Mind since 1999 and was called to ministry in 2010.

Rev. Jill practices the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit to continually evolve in all areas of her life. It is her joy to share this teaching with others seeking to expand in their understanding of life through their personal spiritual growth. She believes that we are all the perfection of God expressing in form and that we already have everything we need, even though sometimes we just can’t see it for ourselves.

Rev. Jill is originally from Virginia and has lived in Arizona since 1992. She has been a resident of Scottsdale since 1996.


Rev. Glenn Swain
Staff Minster

Rev. Glenn Swain believes in the Thomas Troward adage that the true recognition of the Self must always carry with it the purpose of helping others to acquire it also. It was this axiom that propelled him to earn a ministerial degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute in 2015 when he became a licensed minister of Center’s for Spiritual Living.

Rev Glenn joined Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living as a Staff Minister in 2016 and is active with our Small Group Ministries our Volunteers, music program, adult education and coordinating guest speakers and workshops.  He is a member of the Board of Trustees and contributes to the strategic and ecclesiastical planning and budget preparation for the Center.

Along with being a professional writer, editor and contributor to The New York Times, Science of Mind magazine and many other local and national publications, Rev. Glenn is a singer, songwriter and musician.


Joe Hammer
Vice President

Joe Hammer was first exposed to Science of Mind Principles at the age of 17 when he read Ernest Holmes' This Thing Called You. At that time he didn't realize there were communities and services centered around Ernest Holmes' work.

Joe is a business development consultant at ThatSmallBusiness and, through consulting, mentoring, seminars and workshops, teaches entrepreneurs how to be more successful in their business.

Joe is also the author of The Unconscious AuthorityHow to Break Through Your Mind's Barriers, Unleash Your Dormant Wisdom and Banish Limitations in Your Life, Relationships or Career, based on his work as founder of Rapid Changeworks, a subconscious motivation and conditioning process to personal growth.

Joe also assists Scottsdale Center of Spiritual Living with their marketing efforts as well as service support.


Rene Perdue

Rene Perdue has been studying Science of Mind for over 20 years.  She is married with two children and two grandchildren. She enjoys using her accounting background to support this loving community as Treasurer.

Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living is her spiritual home and Rene feels it is important to support its growth and mission of making a world that works for all.

Rene is owner of Perdue Bookkeeping Services where her mission is to help her business clients achieve a higher level of success through system improvements and bookkeeping services tailored to their specific needs.


Toni Janes


Toni Janes first encounter with Science of Mind was in 1981, and she says it was the first time that a “church” service brought peace, love, and acceptance of oneself into her spiritual thinking. For 35 years she has continued her journey going to Science of Mind centers at home and abroad when she travels.

Toni’s career began at age 18 in retail, moving into auditing of the stores, bookkeeping and office management for several companies, to being Controller for an Electrical Contracting firm in California for 10 years, before returning to Arizona in 1997. Toni is an Arizona native. After returning to Arizona, she volunteered as Treasurer on the board of her neighborhood association, and provided 10 years of auditing for the association.

After 35 years of living and embracing the SOM philosophy, she decided to become a founding member of Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living, and become more involved in supporting the center and its members in their activities and needs.



Len Jones

Len Jones was introduced to New Thought approximately thirty years ago in Southern  California, when after planning to attend an Episcopal church service, he ended up next door at a UNITY service instead. Thoroughly inspired, spiritually he has never looked back  Len subsequently found Science of Mind, and was especially impressed with the strength, practicality, and directness of the SOM approach. Although working by day in  the Aerospace industry, by night and on weekends Len pursued his interest in New Thought and other related aspects of progressive spirituality.

At one point, Len became a certified practitioner in an independent New Thought organization in California. He also served for three years as the Executive Councilor for a related spiritual organization. Len has two primary spiritual passions. First he is dedicated to helping others realize their dreams and aspirations through the practical application of New Thought principles. Professionally, he has a consciousness coaching business to that end. Secondly, as a socially responsible member of society, he seeks to encourage all fellow human beings to join together in co-creating a “World that Works for All.” Len is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and holds a Masters Degree from  the Thayer School of Engineering.


The First Meeting of Our Founding Board of Trustees - May 17th, 2015
Rene Perdue, Frankie Pepper, Rev Jill Clements, Tom Gordon, Joe Hammer

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