Sunday Service Topics at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living

2018 Theme: A Year of Prosperous Living

September Topic: The Power of Intention

We are diving deeply into an exploration of Intention this month as we look at what two spiritual teachers have to say about it. We’ll discover the unique approaches of Ernest Holmes from his amazing text, The Science of Mind as well as Wayne Dyer's book, The Power of Intention, where we will discover what it is and how we can use this universal spiritual truth to empower our lives and the life of our Community.

Scottsdale CSL has recently completed the co-creation process and watched as 6 powerful intentions for ourselves, our community and our continued evolution emerged. This month, I am inviting everyone to participate in embodying our Sacred Covenant and Prayer about these 6 powerful intentions not only for our community but through each of our lives. “Spirit can only do for us what Spirit can do through us.”

We will be exploring each of the intentions this month in our Sunday service plus take a deeper look on Wednesday, September 12th as we begin the process of defining our actions to begin the implementation process. Join us as we Treat and Move our Feet!

Sunday, September 2nd:
The Law of Reflection with Rev Karin Lewis

Join Rev Karin Lewis for her inspiring talk about the Law of Reflection and the Power of Intention.

Music by Craig Haley

Sunday, Sept 9th:
Balance and Growing in Sustainable Ways with Rev Jill Clements

We know Life is inherently Good and we’re here to experience it to the fullest, but how can we continue to expand our lives in sustainable and powerful ways and not burn ourselves out?

Rev Jill returns with her discussion of our word of purpose which is Balance and our first intention of Growing in Sustainable Ways. Many of us have busy schedules and struggle with work/life balance. Rev Jill will continue to weave the spiritual wisdom of Holmes and Dyer into a deeper understanding and use of our personal power of intention. Where could your life use a little more balance, are you growing in sustainable ways?

Music by Les Koel

Sunday, September 16th:
Inform, Invite, Educate and Empower with Rev Jill Clements

The vision and mission of Scottsdale CSL is to “Empower Possibilities through the Revelation of Spiritual Truths” and to “Teach Spiritual Principles of Positive Living to Create a World that Works for All.”  Is it possible to live this vision in our lives outside the walls of SCSL? What does it mean to ‘walk the talk” of this Spiritual teaching? In alignment with the vision and mission of our Center is our intention to inform, invite, educate and empower. Today we will discover how we can live the Vision and Mission of our community through our lives every day as Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Music by Sherry Finzer

Sunday, September 23rd:
Cultivate a culture of fellowship and participation and exercise an effective visitor and congregant retention plan with Rev Jill Clements

Whenever we arrive at a place we feel the culture of its people and environment, the Spirit of the Place. Scottsdale CSL and every spiritual community, workplace and home has such a culture and spirit of the place. We each have a personal energy and culture as well. Are we friendly and open or closed and cautious? We will look at this energy of culture and understand how we are spiritual broadcasting stations and how we and others can tune in to a higher frequency and clearer cannel. As Stewards of this spiritual center, connecting with others in our community is a vital part of the energy, spirit and longevity of our Center. When we feel at home in our community we radiate a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, activating the Law of Attraction and becoming a beacon to others on the Spiritual path of discovery.

Music by Kit Holmes

Sunday, September 30th:
Creating an exceptional live music ministry and being fully supported and abundantly prospered in the fulfillment of these intentions with Rev Jill Clements

From his book “Thoughts Are Things”, Ernest Holmes says that “A basic Harmony must exist at the center of everything or the Universe Itself would be a chaos.”  Music is an important part of our human experience. It has the power to lift us up and to touch us at the depths of our soul and can bring us to tears. In our Spiritual Center, music expresses as the creativity of Spirit through the instrument of itself, it complements our message and speaks to our hearts. Today, we complete our series on the Power of Intention as we explore the magic of music and how Spirit supports and prospers us in the fulfillment of these 6 intentions in, through and as each of us and our spiritual community

Music by Dawn Kerlin

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