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2022 Theme: Amazing Grace

September Theme: Myth Busting

September 2022 Topics

September always feels like a transition month to me. Our heat can remain high in the desert, so summer isn’t quite over, but it still feels fall-ish, with folks returning from summer holidays, pumpkins and turkeys showing up in the stores and that ever so faint jingle bell starting to ring.

Our August book of the month has caused me to reflect on some of the beliefs of my childhood religion, stories I grew up with about life, church and bible stories.  As I’ve reflected, I’ve realized how active some of the beliefs are in universal consciousness and I’ll be addressing a few of these in this month’s talks.

I invite you to join us all month on Sundays as I delve into some of the myths I was raised with and reframe them with Science of Mind and metaphysics.  Join us in September for Myth Busting!

September is sometimes considered back to school time, and for the month of September, we’re trying something new!  We will be making a slight change to the format of our service and allowing time after a shortened talk for you to share your Thought as well as ask Questions.  Consider bringing a journal or notebook to keep track of questions you may want to ask.

Sunday, September 4th: Heaven, Hell & Original Sin with Rev Jill Clements

These are 3 of the biggest myths that are prevalent in our society.  What happens when we die, what happens when we’re born?  Bookends to our time on planet earth.  We’ll explore the stories and many commonly held beliefs. Live Music with Jennifer Sheets.

Sunday, September 11th: Have You Been Saved? with Rev Jill Clements

How many times have you been asked this question? What is your answer? Are you kind? We will talk about where this idea originated, what it means and what we believe.  

Sunday, September 18th: Whispering Hope with Rev Jill Clements

Hope is not a powerful word in our teaching.  Yet without it, many times we would perish.  Hope is often the only thing between us and the abyss. As long as we have hope, it is said that we can recover from anything. The idea of hope we are going to explore today is the hope of salvation.


Sunday, September 25th: Adam, Eve & the Big Apple with Rev Jill Clements

What a complex and beautiful story the creation and fall of man and woman is and how deeply ingrained it is in the consciousness of our world. The impacts of this story have rippled through society, laws, and politics. As we complete our Myth Busting series, we’ll explore Eden, its inhabitants, and its mystery.

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