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2018 Theme: A Year of Prosperous Living

We are launching our 4th year as a Spiritual Community and making a profound Statement of Being in our annual theme, “A Year of Prosperous Living.”  We read in the ancient teachings that “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom,” and this year we will demonstrate this Truth through our Center and through our lives.

We begin January with the basics, a boot camp of the Transformational Ideas and Tools of this powerful teaching. Based on Ernest Holmes book, The Basic Ideas of the Science of Mind, we will gain greater understanding and application of these core principles to support us in experiencing personal prosperity. Join Rev Jill and Rev Glenn as they once again share the stage this month and launch our powerful 2018 theme of Prosperous Living! 

Sunday, January 7th 2018
Tools of Transformation with Rev Jill Clements

“The ability to control my experiences and have them result in happiness, prosperity and success lies in my own mind and my use of it.” This week we will introduce the concept of the Universal Mind that is shared by all.  We will explore this teaching and look at prosperity as health and explore tools for transforming our wellbeing to live a more prosperous life.

Live Music by Craig Haley

Sunday, January 14th 2018
Invest in Your Future with Rev Jill Clements

“Prosperity awaits our recognition and acceptance of it.” Living a financially prosperous life is our birthright, our acceptance of it is our choice. Today we will explore what the SOM teaches about our thinking and our finances and learn how investing in these powerful practices can shift our prosperity consciousness.   

Live Music by Todd Herzog

Sunday, January 21st, 2018
Your Spiritual DNA with Rev Jill Clements

Each one of us is an outlet through which the activity of Spirit may flow.” Goldsmith tells us we should be “transparencies through which the Divine manifests.” But what do these statements really mean?  We learn that we are created of God, the one substance that creates all but it’s not until we experience the God Qualities within us that we can begin to cultivate them to truly express life as God in Action. Join us as we uncover more about this Universal Idea of Oneness of God in, through and as us, just like our DNA.   

Live Music by Katie Sieferth

Sunday, January 28th, 2018
Stepping Out of Fear with Rev Jill Clements

“What one believes and does determines the results one gets.”  Ernest Holmes is quite clear that we must understand Spiritual Law in order to use it. He is also clear that we do not need to know how things can come about, but we should focus only on the result we seek. Sounds simple enough, but why don’t we have all of the greater Good that we seek in our lives, why are we not experiencing world peace, why is my bank account sometimes low? We will delve into the creative process and develop a greater understanding of how to step out of our fear and apply the Science of Mind principles to experience a more prosperous life.

Live Music by Jennifer Sheets

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