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2024 Theme: Creating a Spiritual Foundation

February Theme: Foundations of Love

It’s Valentines month and a celebration of Love! This year is also Leap Year giving us one extra day to celebrate. And celebrate we will as we delve into the amazing and numinous power of Love and all that it entails, with our theme, Foundations of Love.

Ernest Holmes was fond of saying “Love Points the way.” We’ll explore this mystical saying to understand what he meant and why he thought it so important to this teaching.  Join Rev Jill and Rev Lee all month as they explore the many ways love shows up in our lives and how we can embrace rather than resist its powerful pull.

Sunday, February 4th: My Best Friend with Rev Lee Hite

As we begin our exploration of Love this month, we’ll set the Foundation of Love as the grounding for our experience and expression of Life.

Sunday, February 11th: Love Uniting with Rev Jill Clements

As we approach Valentines Day, we’ll explore love in relationships, why we want them, perhaps need them and the spiritual significance to having them.  Join us as we celebrate the day of Love with live music, hearts, flowers, candy and more! Live music with Jennifer Sheets.

Gourmet for God Super Bowl Party today at Rev Jill & Ron’s home!

Sunday, February 18th: The Tapestry of Love's Expression with Rev Lee Hite

The tapestry of the experience and expression of life is woven together with Love. There is a phrase, “all my relation”, used by the indigenous peoples of North America. This along with our understanding of the connection of all life as Love Expressing gives us a framework for a richer experience of love.

Sunday Afternoon Workshop: The Tapestry of Love with Rev Lee. This workshop is an opportunity to explore the wonderful variety of the expression of Love in our lives. Join Rev Lee as he leads us on an exploration of the color, tone, and texture of loves’ expression and how it impacts our lives. The afternoon will be an experiential exploration of Living Love. Suggested Love offering $10.

Sunday, February 25th: Inner Union with Rev Jill Clements

Recognizing that God is Love and that we are created of that Love, we’ll delve into our search for the ultimate inner union with The Beloved. The Source of all our longing and desire, the creative nature of the universe within us and more.

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