Sunday Service Topics at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living

2022 Theme: Amazing Grace

Annual Theme:  Amazing Grace
May Theme: Living in the Flow of Grace
Book of the Month: The Seat of the Soul

May 2022 Topics

Sunday, May 1st: Dancing in the Dark with Rev Lee Hite

So often we look at the darker times on in our lives as those to be evaded, avoided or ignored. Join Rev Lee and discover what the possibility might be if we dare to shift the perspective on these times.

Sunday, May 8th: Expanded Livingness with Rev Lee Hite

We live in a life filled with an infinite variety of shape, color, texture, sound, and potential experience. How can we open ourselves to a new degree of experience? Join Rev Lee as we explore ways to expand our experience of life

Sunday, May 15th: Choosing to Renew Our Life with Rev Lee Hite

Each day is an opportunity for renewal. What is interrupting the flow of my life? How can I release and renew? Join Rev Lee and discover what is the price and what are the potentialities?

Sunday, May 22nd: How To Be More Me with Rev Lee Hite

This week Rev. Lee will walk with us through an exploration of how we can find peace, poise, and power in authenticity and vulnerability.

Sunday, May 29th: Unleashing The Dragon In Me with Rev Lee Hite

It has often been said that we are to slay our inner Dragons. This week, Rev Lee asks the question, “What if we were to embrace them, climb up on their backs, ride them and own the power contained within them? We did create them after all!”  You won’t want to miss this fiery good time!

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