Sunday Service Topics at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living

2018 Theme: A Year of Prosperous Living

June Topic: Consciousness, The Final Frontier!

As we begin another hot Arizona summer, Scottsdale CSL will once again chill out with a Fun Summer Series. This year’s theme is Consciousness, The Final Frontier! and is based on the 1960’s TV series, Star Trek. This month, we’ll “boldly go where none have gone before” as we explore this thing called consciousness using several of the show’s most classic episodes as the basis of our talks and discover the metaphysical themes running throughout popular TV series.

Sunday, June 3rd:
"The Cage" with Rev Jill Clements

The story begins with the ships’ Captain Pike being captured by aliens on the fourth planet in the Talos star group.  Through the super mind power of these aliens, he is placed in a cage of his imagination and lives out events from his memory to entertain his captors.  We’ll explore the power of our imagination and see where we too may be living in a cage of positive or negative thoughts.

Music by Mike Campbell

Sunday, June 10th:
Create Your Brightest Future with Special Guest Speaker, Matt Jones

Plan to join us as we welcome Matt as he shares his inspiring story of being a 3 time cancer conqueror. From learning how to walk again to completing 7 marathons on 7 continents, Matt's message is filled with humor and inspiration as he shows us how to Create our Brightest Future.

Music by Holly Pyle

Sunday, June 17th:
The Enemy Within with Rev Jill Clements

This is another of the classic Star Trek episodes with Enterprise Captain James T Kirk having been beamed back aboard the ship only to have been separated from his, let’s say, less than wonderful self! His doppelganger, or evil self, got separated from his good self in the transporter beam and is running amok around the ship creating havoc amongst the crew. Join us as we explore the many facets of our own personalities and how to reunite our doppelganger when it too runs amok.   

Music by Craig Haley

Sunday, June 24th:
The Trouble with Tribbles with Rev Jill Clements

One of the most popular episodes of the series. While on shore leave, Lt Uhura is gifted with an adorable Tribble which she takes back aboard the Enterprise. They are cute, fuzzy little things and they reproduce like ants at a picnic! Join us as we look at the law of cause and effect.

Music by Jennifer Sheets

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