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2018 Theme: A Year of Prosperous Living

Marvelous March is here and we are continuing our annual theme, “A Year of Prosperous Living” where we are looking at the many ways that Prosperity can be revealed in our lives.  We are using Edwene Gains definition of Prosperity: “a vitally alive physical body, relationships that are satisfying, work that we love and all the money we can spend.”

March Topic: Values of Prosperity

This month we are looking at Values, what they are, how to discover our personal values and how to live from them to experience the life of our dreams.  Based on the work of Dr John D. Martini, we will be exploring his book, The Values Factor.

Sunday, March 4th:
Values & Voids and Understanding Your Highest Values with Rev Jill Clements

As we introduce our theme of values this month we will explore what they are, what they are not and see how understanding and using our values can lead us to experiencing a more prosperous life.

Guest Artist: Celia

Sunday, March 11th:
The Value of Challenge with Rev Sherry McCreary

Most of us don’t enjoy challenging times or situations, but what if challenges actually lead us to greater understanding of our highest valuesJoin guest speaker Rev Sherry McCreary for her talk about understanding the value of challenges in your life.

Music by: Lee Lee Robert

Sunday, March 18th:
Identifying Your Values with Rev Jill Clements

Rev Jill returns with powerful tools to help us identify and understand our personal values.  Not to be confused with Passion, our highest values are our most inspired or higher natures. Once we identify and live by them, we can begin to understand what is possible in our lives and live from our true Wholeness.

Music by:  Point of Light

Sunday, March 25th:
Living Your Destiny 
with Rev Jill Clements

What role do our values play in determining our destiny? Were Jesus’ values reflected in the events of Holy week and the story of Palm Sunday?  As we complete our Values of Prosperity series we will explore if and how our values determine our destiny.

Music by: Dan Vega

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