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Sunday, August 7th: The Journey of Acquired Beliefs with Joe Hammer

Sunday, July 31st: In Pursuit of Our Dreams with Rev Jill Clements

Sunday, July 24th: Baby Steps to Living the Im’Possible with Rev Jill Clements

Sunday, July 17th: Say Yes to Life with Rev Jill Clements

We are all beings of choice. The Science of Mind teaches us that God created us and gave us all and leaves us alone to discover the secrets of life for ourselves. Sometimes in that discovery, we develop habits, fears or an unwillingness to play and we say no to life. Today’s message and movie are based on the film, Yes Day, where we’ll discover deeper truths about saying yes to life as we continue our exploration of Amazing Grace.

Sunday, July 10th: Unconscious Competence with Rev Jill Clements

This is it! Day 21!! What day are you on? Developing Unconscious Competence means we have embodied that which we’ve learned. We no longer have to wear a bracelet to remind us to focus on it, its become part of who we are. If you’re like me and haven’t achieved the goal yet, keep going! Remember, it took the author over 6 months to achieve 21 complaint free days in a row. Today, we’ll complete our journey of Graceful Changes and see what the Science of Mind teaches us about embodiment and the power of habits.

Sunday, July 3rd: Conscious Competence with Rev Lee Hite

This week will continue our journey in to a complaint free experience of our world. At about this time we are likely becoming very aware of the inner shift necessary to maintain a day without complaint. How are we making the shift? How much more aware are we? What are some of the habits we are making in the tone and tenor of our conversation? These are some of the ideas we will explore this week.

Sunday, June 26th: Conscious Incompetence with Rev Jill Clements

This week we'll check in our our progress and deepen our understanding of becoming mindful of our complaints, gossip, criticizing and sarcasm as we begin to become more conscious of our complaints, how to redirect others rather than confront and move into week 2 of Living Complaint Free.

Sunday, June 19th: Stop Complaining! Part 1: I Complain, Therefore I am with Rev Jill Clements

As we begin our 21-day transformation to become complaint free, Rev Jill will explore what complaining is and how we can deepen in our understanding of Grace as we begin to let it go. We’ll also delve into how this program works and create “text buddies” to help us all stay on track with our progress.

Sunday, June 5th: ...and God Rested with Rev Jill Clements

Have we forgotten how to rest? How to play? How to disconnect? Jill is returning from 6 weeks of sabbatical, a time away from the Center to reconnect with God, Self, Family and Life’s purpose and mission. This has been a sacred time for her to rest, refresh and be restored. On this, her 8th year of ministry and our 7th year as a Center, she rested. And, she would like to share her experiences with you and see how and what celebrating the sabbaths of our lives means.

Sunday, May 29th: Unleashing The Dragon In Me with Rev Lee Hite

It has often been said that we are to slay our inner Dragons. This week, Rev Lee asks the question, What if we were to embrace them, climb up on their backs, ride them and own the power contained within them? We did create them after all! You won’t want to miss this fiery good time!

Sunday, May 22nd: How To Be More Me with Rev Lee Hite

This week Rev. Lee will walk with us through an exploration of how we can find peace, poise, and power in authenticity and vulnerability.

Sunday, May 15th: Choosing to Renew Our Life with Rev Lee Hite

Each day is an opportunity for renewal. What is interrupting the flow of my life? How can I release and renew? Join Rev Lee and discover what is the price and what are the potentialities?

Sunday, May 8th: Expanded Livingness with Rev Lee Hite

We live in a life filled with an infinite variety of shape, color, texture, sound, and potential experience. How can we open ourselves to a new degree of experience? Join Rev Lee as we explore ways to expand our experience of life

Sunday, May 1st: Dancing in the Dark with Rev Lee Hite

So often we look at the darker times on in our lives as those to be evaded, avoided or ignored. Join Rev Lee and discover what the possibility might be if we dare to shift the perspective on these times.

Sunday, April 24th: Spiritual Conviction with Rev Lee Hite

Ernest Holmes wrote that ...what the world needs is spiritual conviction followed by spiritual experience. This Sunday Rev Lee will explore what that could mean for us on a day in day out basis. What do our lives look like when filled with spiritual conviction?

Sunday, April 17th: Roll Away the Stone with Rev Jill Clements

As we consider the new life of Spring, we will focus on the 3rd day of the Easter story as Rev Jill shares the symbology of the story, the characters and how we can each roll away our own stones of limitation.

Sunday, April 10th: Who is This? with Rev Lee Hite

Join us as we look at Palm Sunday through a lens you may not have considered. Rev Lee will take us through an exploration of how we come to embrace our own power and place in the Divine realm we inhabit.

Sunday, April 3rd: Forgiving & Forgetting with Rev Jill Clements

We know there is power in forgiveness. It is a blessing to ourselves as we release the anger, judgment and the trapped energy of unforgiveness, but what about forgetting? Rev Jill will look at the story of Judas and the Last Supper, what his role may have been and why forgetting is an important healing practice.

Sunday, March 27th: Thy Will Be Done" with Rev Lee Hite

Rev Lee will deepen our understanding of this mystical phrase and help us to let go of ideas of separation to understand its true meaning for Living a life of Grace.

Sunday, March 20th: What Do You See? with Rev Jill Clements

Rev Jill will look at spiritual perception and the spiritual laws of Grace, as we explore the key to understanding Living in Grace. It all comes down to this One thing.

Sunday, March 13th: Are You Aware? with Rev Lee Hite

Rev Lee will guide us to greater understanding of our tendency of thought and some of the life questions we may be subconsciously asking ourselves that are creating the life we are currently experiencing. Are you aware of what you think about life, what you are asking?

Sunday, March 6th: Are You Willing? with Rev Jill Clements

As Rev Jill begins our series, she’ll look at Grace and help us to discover ways to develop and live in this state of being. Living in Grace is the ultimate goal to living a spiritual life, but are you willing?

Sunday, February 27th: God is Love with Rev Lee Hite

Most of us probably learned this Bible verse long ago, but what does it really mean to us today? Join Rev Lee as he explores the Love that God is.

Sunday, February 20th: Love Train! with Rev Jill Clements

Everybody get on board, we’re loving the world today as we explore love as the gateway to world healing. Rev Jill will look at the healing power of love and how we can use it to create a community and a world that works for all.

Sunday, February 13th: The Eyes of Love with Rev Lee Hite

Join Rev Lee as he explores love through the lens of relationships; romantic, familial and even business. How do we relate to others through the eyes of God?

Sunday, February 6th: Who Am I? with Rev Jill Clements

We hear a lot about Self-love, but what exactly is it? How do I get it and how do I know if I don’t have it? Join Rev Jill for an exploration and explanation of the importance of revealing God as Self Love.

Sunday, January 23rd: Partnership with the Divine with Rev Jill Clements

How would your life change if you really accepted that God is your Partner in life? Do you treat obstacles as roadblocks to your good or detours to your divinity? We will look at God as our Source, our partner and confidant and grow our understanding of the business of life and the Law of Perfect Action.

Sunday, January 16th: Power of Thought and Word with Rev Lee Hite

Building upon The Game of Life we will explore how we use the power of our thought and word to shape our lives. The activity of the Law is always giving shape to the impression of our thought. How do we take steps today to begin shaping our lives into our heart's desire?

Sunday, January 9th: The Game of Life with Rev Jill Clements

Do you ever feel like you’re taking life and spirituality too seriously? We can sometimes get so focused on our spiritual practices or a principle that we can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees! We will explore the basics of why and how we create our game of life – and enjoy it!

Sunday, January 2nd: Going with the Flow with Rev Jill Clements

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re paddling upstream and ready to start going with the flow of life, join us as we begin the New Year by releasing the old baggage and beliefs that no longer serve us in our annual Burning Bowl ritual. We’ll then practice Sacred Visioning and intention setting for our lives in 2022. Join us to start your New Year of Amazing Grace and jump into the Flow.

Sunday, December 26th: Only One with Rev Lee Hite

Join special guest speaker, Rev Lee Hite, for his inspiring message, Only One. We walk in a world, a Universe, that is One. Each of us is a point of light within the Mind of God. What are the possibilities for us when we truly embody the Truth that “What we are looking for, we are looking with?”

Sunday, December 19th: Seeing the Extraordinary with Rev Jill Clements

There is a metaphysical principle that says what we focus on expands. How easy it is to get focused on what’s wrong in the world, only to see and experience more of what’s wrong in the world. If you would like to see and experience more good in your life and the world around you, join us today as we See the Extraordinary.

Thursday, December 16th: The Gift of Love: Candlelight Service with Rev Jill Clements

There are many Holy Days celebrated around this darkest season of the year, all celebrating light and its return.  From the multitude of Sun Gods in mythology, the Son of God in Christianity, to the celebration of the Winter Solstice, the returning Sun and Light are important components of this sacred season. Join us for our annual candlelight service where we'll celebrate the return of the Light and add our lights to The Gift of Love. We will celebrate all faith traditions with candle lighting, inspiring music with Point of Light, an uplifting Holiday message, and a Holiday potluck dessert table in the courtyard!

Sunday, December 12th: Nothing to Overcome with Rev Jill Clements

What if there is nothing to overcome, nothing to heal, reveal or push around in the world of effects in order for us to be happy? Today, we’ll look at the realm of Spirit, and see if it’s possible to know only God, Wholeness and Peace.

Sunday, December 5th: Portals of the Divine with Rev Jill Clements

Each of us have life, known as the Divine Spark, that infusion of the mystery of life that animates these bodies of flesh. How easy it is to forget our Divine connection and get focused on the smallness rather than the magnificence of who we are. We will explore and open wide the entryway of the Divine in, through and as us.

Sunday, November 28th: I Release, and I Let Go! with Rev Jill Clements

Have you ever noticed that dead trees don’t lose their leaves? In their death they no longer need to prepare for new growth by letting go. We’ll explore surrender and the creative process of life as we close out our series this month.

Sunday, November 21st: Seated at the Banquet Table of Life with Rev Jill Clements

We live in a Universal Spiritual System whose operating system is based on giving. This seats each of us at the Banquet Table of Life ready to choose, as we believe. Today, we’ll explore this Banquet Table and our opportunity to receive the feast of life.

Sunday, November 14th: Crossing Your Niagara Falls with Denise Rosier

In this season of gratitude, we give thanks in knowing that we are God's greatest gift to Itself. Join Denise on an adventure with the first man to cross Niagara Falls, and hear the ways his courageous feat affirms that we are never alone, we are never stuck, we are always supported. Wherever we are, God is.

Sunday, November 7th: The Sweetness of Life with Rev Jill Clements

Being grateful for the good things in our life is easy, it just takes discipline to remember to do it. With practice, though, living in gratitude helps us to transform even our challenges into something to be grateful for. When we can develop gratefulness as a way of life, it adds sweetness to our life and helps us to turn anything into a blessing.

Sunday, October 31st: Vow of Prosperity with Rev Jill Clements

Deep down, do you believe it’s more spiritual to be poor? Is there any area of your life where you have taken a vow of poverty? Do you cringe when we talk about money in Sunday service? We’ll uncover and heal some of our hidden beliefs about money and prosperity as we conclude our Living Abundantly series today.

Sunday, October 24th: Setbacks are Set Ups with Rev Jill Clements

Life doesn’t always go the way we want. When this happens, it can be challenging to those of us on the spiritual path, creating confusion and chaos until we remember we are co-creators with the Universe. Today we’ll explore visualization to pivot on adversity and reframe until we’re empowered.

Sunday, October 17th: Priming the Pump with Rev Jill Clements

Giving is the effect of prosperous thinking. Too often we believe that we will give after we receive. We will explore the universal principle of circulation which can be one of the most challenging villages on our spiritual journey, one well worth overcoming to receive our Divine Inheritance.

Sunday, October 10th: Too Good to be True with Rev Jill Clements

If you’ve ever been surprised by the generosity of the Universe- a healing or unexpected abundance- you have reached the edge of your belief and are now confronted by your unbelief. Building our faith and trust in the Infinite Love and Power of God is a crucial step to our acceptance of our Good. We’ll explore how doubt and fear impact our abundant living and ways to increase our faith and trust.

Sunday, October 3rd: Worthiness: We Are Already Wealthy! with Rev Karen Russo

Join special guest Rev Karen Russo for her inspiring message, Worthiness: We Are Already Wealthy! If abundance is something we must work at, earn, or deserve we’ll always feel spiritually lacking.  And we’ll likely feel overwhelmed, drained, and ineffective in our human financial lives. Let us remember together the Truth about the nature of the Divine… and the Truth about our own inherent Worthiness.

Sunday, September 26th: The 5th Pillar of Living a Spiritual Life with Rev Jill Clements

The 5 pillars of a spiritual life are Study, Prayer, Meditation, Circulation and Service. We’ll close out our series today as we look at the 5th Pillar, Service, and discover the benefits of being of service to our families, our community this Center and the world.

Sunday, September 19th: No Truth in Problems with Rev Jill Clements

What is it in our human nature that keeps us focused on the problems and challenges of our lives rather than focusing on solutions? We are taught that there is a solution to every challenge, yet when I ask, what is your prayer about this situation or have you contacted your practitioner, we’ve usually forgotten to reach for spiritual help.

Sunday, September 12th: Perception is Reality, Or Is It? with Rev Jill Clements

Playing with perspective is one of my favorite things to do. A simple change in the viewing point changes the entire scene. Perspective teaches us to have a more open mind about life and our surroundings.

Sunday, September 5th: The Paradox of Being with Rev Lee Hite

We live in a Universe of paradoxes. For example, it is considered good to be strong, yet we also know the importance of surrender. Which is it? Join special guest speaker, Rev Lee Hite today as he explores the idea of paradox and teaches us what it means to be spiritually flexible.

Sunday, August 29th: Calgon, Take Me Away! with Rev Jill Clements

Have you ever either actually or at least considered, running away? The old bubble bath commercial calls us to run away into relaxation. But what if rather than a sense of running away, we ran towards? This Sunday, we’ll wrap up our series on Living a Relaxed Life and look at healing as a spiritual principle.

Sunday, August 22nd: Brush It Off! with Rev Jill Clements

To build our greatest lives, we must become more. Expansion of consciousness begins with changing how we think about this thing called life. Changing a tendency to think negatively to a tendency to think positively requires focus and willpower in order to create a mental atmosphere of joy which will lead to more relaxed living. We will explore the benefits of affirmative living and practices to get-and keep- us there.

Sunday, August 15th: There Will Be a Splash! with Rev Jill Clements

Rev Jill explores the spiritual principles of balance and poise in living a relaxed life. If you’ve ever felt a little out of balance or perhaps lost your poise on occasion, join us today as we return to center and discover the path to peace, poise and balance once again.

Sunday, August 8th: It’s Priceless with Sue Witter, RScP

Have you ever seen one of the MasterCard ads that end with a time of personal connection that is “priceless?” The closing line is, “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard.” Join special guest speaker, Sue Witter, RScP as she shares her inspiring talk about the pricelessness of time. Time is often referred to as a “precious or priceless resource” and is considered “life’s currency.” People are frequently asked how they “spend” their time. This week we will discover how being aware of where we direct our energy and spend time is a spiritual practice.

Sunday, July 25th: One Heart with Rev Jill Clements

The final two steps in the Creation story, the creation of Man and God Rested, bring us to greater understanding of the story itself. We’ll look at the words of the story and their meaning and anchor in the metaphysical truth revealed in this Ancient 7 Day Creation story. “Evolution is a principle, which, though invisible, finds manifestation in every form of life. It is the logical and necessary outcome of Universal Intelligence or Spirit. But evolution is an effect of intelligence and not its cause; it follows involution. Involution is the idea while evolution is the unfoldment of the idea. Involution precedes evolution with mechanical precision propelled by an immutable law -- the Law of Cause and Effect.”

Sunday, July 18th: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams with Rev Jill Clements

The power and mystery of the sun and moon, the tides and the sea have fascinated man since the beginning of time. Steps 4 and 5 of the Creative process explain these metaphors in the creation story and reveal the power of Mind, in us and as us. Nothing in itself is either good or bad; all things exist in mind as a potentiality; mind is eternally acting upon thought, continually producing its own images from mind, and casting them out into manifestation.

Sunday, July 11th: Let There Be Light with Rev Jill Clements

This week Rev Jill will look at the 2nd and 3rd steps of creation where the sky and land are formed. We’ll see how these metaphors work in our lives and the Creative Process taught at Centers for Spiritual Living. These are two very important and powerful tools in building a better life! “The sooner we get away from the thought that we have to create, the sooner we will be able to work in line with the Spirit. Always man uses; he never creates anything. The united intelligence of the human race could not make a single rosebud; it does not know enough. But our slightest thought adrift in Mind causes the same power that makes all things, to create for us.”

Sunday, July 4th: Let There Be Light with Rev Kathryn McDowell

Join special guest speaker Rev Kathryn McDowell as she shares her heart and wealth of knowledge. As Ernest Holmes said, “The account of Creation, which says, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, does not refer to a time when there was no creation, but rather to the process of an eternal creation, which is a continual manifestation of Spirit.”

Sunday, June 27th: Setbacks are Set Ups with Rev Jill Clements

As we wrap up our Living on Purpose series, our talk today is Setbacks are Set Ups. We’ll see how even when our life appears to be stuck or going backwards, the infinitely loving Universe is really setting us up to succeed.

Sunday, June 20th: The Pursuit of Happyness with Rev Jill Clements

As we celebrate Father’s Day, our talk is A Father’s Strength. Dad’s shoulder a large responsibility for providing care and security for the family, requiring spiritual, emotional and many times, physical strength. Today we honor the energy of Father as we see Will Smith portray amazing inner strength in our movie and find our own inner strength through the Father within us all.

Sunday, June 13th: The Bucket List with Rev Jill Clements

Have you ever faced a life-threatening illness? Any sort of diagnosis of a negative health condition can move us to deep reflections on our life; past, present and future. Our talk today is The Power of Choice and our movie is The Bucket List. We’ll look at the poignant moments of the show and discover the importance of choosing to live every moment of our lives now.

Sunday, June 6th: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates with Rev Jill Clements

Living Your Life’s Purpose is our theme today and the movie, Forrest Gump is our background. Today we will delve into the powerful life lessons Forrest shows about love, happiness, being optimistic and talking to strangers as we discover more about living your life’s purpose.

Sunday, May 29th: Who Do You See? with Rev Jill Clements

When you observe others, who do you see?  Does your mind make up stories about them, who they are, what they think, where they have been or are going?  People-watching can be entertaining as well as revealing.  Today we’ll look at what our random thoughts and stories might be revealing to us as we look at others and how our intuition can support us in understanding.

Sunday, May 23rd: Denial and the Science of Mind with Rev Jill Clements

One of the most misunderstood core teachings in the study of the Science of Mind is that of denying the conditions of our lives. We will look at the role of intuition and faith in understanding this spiritual truth and using it to more powerfully call into our lives the conditions we desire.

Sunday, May 16th: Two Truths and a Sigh! with Rev Lori Frisbie

Making Sense of Divine Timing with Rev Lori Frisbie Join Rev. Lori Frisbie as she unravels the mystery of “God-Time” and explains how each of us has the power within to live harmoniously with It!

Sunday, May 9th: Transitions with Rev Jill Clements

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we will look at the spiritual process of transitions. It is part of the human life cycle to transition throughout our lives, from birth to childhood, to adulthood all the way through the ultimate transition of death to this physical existence. We also have many transitions in the rolls we fill in our lifetime, sister, brother, mother, father, grandparent, boss. How can we use our intuition to support us as we roam the corridors of the times in between what is now and what is being birthed within?

Sunday, May 2nd: Into the Silence with Rev Jill Clements

Not only is silence a spiritual practice, but it is essential to our souls’ journey and our understanding of our relationship with the Divine. As we begin our exploration of Living from the Intuitive Side, we will delve into the silence as the gateway of greater access to the still small voice of Spirit.

Sunday, April 25th: Frequencies of Consciousness with Special Guest Speaker, Joe Hammer

Many of us place unconscious roadblocks in the way of the Law of Attraction. We sometimes wonder why it "isn't working." Today, Joe Hammer, Author of The Unconscious Authority will outline 7 powerful principles to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the law of attraction and make it work more effectively for you!

Sunday, April 18th: Walking our Talk with Rev Jill Clements

We all know folks who say one thing but do something else. Their talk and actions don’t match, creating concern and confusion! Walking our talk is about taking the experience of the Presence from our meditation cushions into our daily activities. We’ll uncover ways that we can carry our realization of the Presence of God out into the world with us all day.

Sunday, April 11th: Accept Your Good with Rev Jill Clements

This sounds pretty easy, but for many, accepting the Good of God that is our Divine inheritance can be challenging. We have self-imposed limitations in our thinking and may not feel worthy to receive the feast on the banquet table of life. We’ll discover our self-worth and break through limiting beliefs to accept our good.

Sunday, April 4th: Living From a Higher Vibration with Rev Jill Clements

EASTER SUNDAY. Join us on this joyful morning to celebrate Easter, springtime and more joyous living. The life of Jesus was an example of living from a higher vibration and we will explore this great example and find relevance for our lives to live from a higher vibe.

Sunday, March 28th: Chaos, Crisis, Opportunity and You with Rev Jill Clements

What thoughts enslave your mind and limit your freedom? As we enter the Passover week we will explore the mystical meaning of the ancient story of the Passover and how we can allow the chaos and crisis of life to Passover us as we move to the realm of opportunity and more life.

Sunday, March 21st: The Third Way with Rev Jill Clements

When we are faced with those seemingly impossible decisions in life, it is easy to fall victim to a belief that we are limited beings. Today we will explore the field of infinite possibilities and realize there is always a third way, the way of more life.

Sunday, March 14th: How Does Your Garden Grow? with Rev Jill Clements

Rev Jill returns with her message about the Garden of Thoughts we cultivate in our minds. Just like the fertile fields we see around our state that, with care, turn from dry brown dirt into lush green plants, so too can our lives be transformed when we care for the seeds and weeds that can flourish in our minds.

Sunday, March 7th: The Right Question with Special Guest, Sue Witter, RScP

Have you ever thought about the questions you ask yourself? Are they leading you to better answers or a limited life? Sue will open our series this with her inspiring talk about the power of choice and the freedom that comes from asking ourselves a new set of questions.

Sunday, February 28th: The Mystical Act of Forgiveness with Rev Jill Clements

We’ve learned a lot about forgiveness and the benefits we experience in our lives through forgiving others. This week we will delve into the mystical power of forgiveness by exploring the hidden ways that unforgiveness may active within us and blocking love and the circulation of greater good through our lives.

Sunday, February 21st: The Power of Love with Rev Jill Clements

Ernest Holmes tells us that “Love is the grandest haling and drawing power on earth.” It is the most transforming power in the Universe.  Love can heal, connect and transform us and our experience.  To understand love is to begin to understand not only who we are, but also who God is. God’s very essence is love and the Science of Mind says that love is the givineness of God.  When we understand the real power that love is, we understand the power to transform our lives.

Sunday, February 14th: Relationship as Spiritual Practice with Rev Jill Clements

Just the word “Relationship “can bring up our preconceived notions and beliefs about what they are, what they are not, and our past and current experiences; be they delightful or less so! Science of Mind teaches us about the universal Law of Reflection and relationships with other human beings can provide us big, bright mirrors to see aspects of ourselves that we simply are blind to on our own - if we’re willing to look. No matter where you are in relationship to a significant other, still looking or deeply committed, join us today as we explore relationships to discover if they truly are a spiritual practice for our lives.

Sunday, February 7th: It All Begins Within with Rev Jill Clements

Understanding love begins within ourselves. We hear a lot about the importance of Self-Love, but what it is?  How do we practice such a thing? Is it selfish, narcissistic, braggadocios?  We will look deeply into three components of finding love within: Self- Worth, Self-Respect and Self- Care.  Join us as we go within for love.

Sunday, January 31st: Living Your Vision with Daniel Laraway, RScP

Join special guest Daniel Laraway, RScP for his inspiring message to empower us in living our vision as we wrap up the month. Recognizing the mind/body connection, it is important to understand the spiritual quality of balance, inner and outer, body and mind, strength, flow and yield.

Sunday, January 24th: Spiritual Fitness with Rev Jill Clements

Like any change or resolution, living your vision requires new choices and practices that allow the old to go and the new to grow.  Today we will look at ways that we can make the vision welcome through daily choices and practices.

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