About Our Community

Why Participate in a Spiritual Community?

We believe people who are part of an inclusive spiritual community create happier, healthier lives, through participating in weekly fellowship with others. Being in community with others fosters understanding, unity, peace, joy, and common good

Because we all have busy lives, responsibilities and hectic schedules, many people today find themselves disconnected from others and even from themselves. Scientific studies have proven that human beings need relationships to experience fulfilling lives. When we participate in group gatherings and activities and feel accepted, heard, honored and not judged, it allows us to become more open, relaxed, trusting and faith-filled as we explore and deepen our connection to Spirit and each other.

Participating in a spiritual community such as Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living can be a transforming experience. A community of like-minded people allows for sacred sharing, spiritual expansion, compassionate communion, personal growth, leadership development and life-long friendships.

Visit Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living and experience a community that teaches Successful Living from the Inside Out!