Who’s Making the Calls in Your Life?

“Right decisions await your discovery of them. They are already in your mind.”   Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Decision

We are wrapping up our series… The Metaphysics of Baseball just as our spring training season is coming to an end in Arizona! This is the final week of the pre-season games with the regular season of 162 games beginning next Saturday.

Our talk tomorrow: “Who’s Making the Calls in Your Life?” If you’ve ever watched a baseball game, you may have witnessed some of the creative calls that the umpires sometimes make. Challenging those calls and decisions seems to be a staple of the game; for the fans to boo them and to watch managers and players argue and sometimes even get thrown out of the game!

Sunday we’re looking at the power of decisions and who is making the decisions that determine the balls, strikes and outs of your life. Are they boo worthy or right on? We’ll discover ways we can make better calls and empower infinite possibilities in our daily lives through inspired decision making.

Meditation begins at 9:40, Service at 10:00. Music by Rene Morgan Brooks.

Love, Rev Jill