Practicing the Principles: Who’s Making the Calls?

  1. Make Peace. Inside and outside yourself.  “Peace is an inner sate of calm so complete nothing can disturb it” and when we are there, the peace I’m talking about, is accompanied by a consciousness of Power – Empowerment, Feeling of One, and no thing can disturb us.
  2. There are no wrong decisions. It’s only what we think about them that makes them wrong.It’s our perspective and interpretation that can be wrong.  Rather than doubt or criticize ourselves for the decision, choose to bless it and make a new one.  Then focus on that, the right-ness of the new decision rather than the perceived wrongness of the old.
  3. We aren’t special! “The Universe has no favorites.” The law does not alter its nature to accommodate us, we must alter our perspective, belief and thinking to accommodate it.  If we want a different experience that what we are having now we must believe and BE DIFFERENT