Practicing the Principles: Surrender to Love

  1. Preparation – get yourself ready to get ready. Start your day the spiritual way, center yourself in love and set your intention to BE LOVE before you start the activities of your day.
  1. Desire. “Desire is the voice of Spirit in you, trying to indicate that the thing you desire is already on its way to you.” Use the questions, ask yourself, when faced with difficult or challenging situations “what would love do” and what do I need to do to choose love in this situation?  When we stimulate our desire for change, the Universe will provide what we need.
  1. Trust: “When we learn to trust the universe, we shall be happy prosperous and well.” Through practice saying, “I’m choosing to be love, what is my choice here?” and watching and doing what shows up, we develop trust.  In this way we achieve freedom.
  1. Faith: “A mental attitude so inwardly embodied that the mind can no longer deny it.”  It just is.  When we have the faith of God (Holmes) it is a power within us that will change our lives.  We build faith through trust, desire and preparation.