Sunday Service Update
A Message from Rev Jill

Hello Beloveds,

What an amazing year we have just completed together!  From shutting down live services last March and learning how to broadcast as a virtual Center, to leasing a new home for our future, we were active and remained connected throughout.

With more folks being vaccinated and mask mandates being lifted, we continue to follow the status of community health in Arizona.  We are meeting in person at 8360 E Raintree Dr #110 in Scottsdale.  Our distancing and mask policies have shifted to a practice of self-care, self-reliance, which means if you are comfortable with or without, we honor your Presence in our community and appreciate your honoring those around you.

We have learned a lot this year about connection and the different ways we can serve our community.  We will continue to hold in-person services on Sunday and offer optional viewing opportunities of watching from home on the Scottsdale CSL Live Stream on our website, YouTube LIVE or Facebook LIVE.  Messages are recorded and posted on our website each week.

I’m delighted that we are achieving our mission of providing spiritual tools for personal and community transformation through the broader audience of the internet.  The world is hungry for the empowering and transformative message of the Science of Mind, and I would ask that you help support our mission through your referrals to your friends and family to tune in or join you at the Center.

Thank you to all who continue to support Scottsdale CSL with your love and your generous donations.  The past 14 months have been tough and tender times, emotionally and financially.  Fortunately, we had our reserve funds to cover the shortfalls.  I’m confident giving will increase as we continue to see Arizona “open up.” I am grateful to all who continue to provide financial support to this Center so we can continue to provide spiritual support and healing for a world that works for all.

Holding the High Watch for us all,

In loving service,

Rev Jill Clements

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