Gourmet for God at Scottsdale CSL!

Calling all Gourmets for God!

We are once again holding our Gourmet for God fun(d) raising events for 2022!

Anyone can host an event!  The hosts provide a theme,  the minimum bid amount per person, total number of people who can attend, location and the food. SCSL congregants will "bid" on each event with the highest bids winning with proceeds benefitting the Center.

The creative ideas for hosting an event are virtually unlimited, as long as it include some type of food or beverage. Some examples include:

  • Kentucky Derby party (complete with hats of course!)
  • hike and picnic
  • pizza party
  • wine, cheese and music
  • coffee and chat
  • picnic in the park
  • BBQ at your home
  • any ethnic or regional food: Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, etc
  • game night and food
  • classical music and appetizers
  • pool party
  • cooking baking
  • testing your air fryer
  • chili cookoff

Let your imagination run wild! See Valerie Barnhart for information. Sign up to host your event in the bookstore!  and watch those bid sheets to be sure and get your seat!