Our New Home!

We are excited to announce that we have found a new home to rent for our Center, 8360 East Raintree Drive, #110, in Scottsdale! 

The Board of Trustees have been in conversation for a couple of years as we’ve bounced up against the limits imposed on us by the facility rules. We love Venue 8600 and their wonderful staff. They have treated us extremely well for 5 years and have been a blessing to this community as a “turn-key” option for our gatherings and meetings. However, in mid-March they notified us they were changing the lease terms of the office space and night time meetings which further burdened our access and affecting our needs. This felt like a nudge from Spirit to move our feet and start looking for a new location.

With the intention of finding small office space for classes and meetings, we began looking. Being Spirit led and Divinely Guided, we found a new location very near, at Raintree and the 101! This new location provides not only office space, but also a meeting room large enough for us to hold our Sunday gatherings! 

With a target move-in date of June 1st, 2020, we will continue to watch the guidance and instructions of local, state and national government while trusting our own inherent wisdom as to the actual occupancy and what protocols we will need to put in place to keep us all safe and healthy. I must acknowledge the Landlord and leasing team for their kindness and consideration during this uncertain time as they agreed to wait with us to start the lease term until we can safely gather again.

Keep an eye on our NEW HOME page for updates!

I’ve been asked to create a “Wish List” of items needed for our new home and we will post it on this page soon.  If you would like to contribute financially to our move, click here to designate donations separate from your tithe

Your Board and I are extremely excited to begin this new experience for our community as we gather at our new “Home!”


Transcend and Rise Triumphant!

Happy Easter weekend!

Plan to join us for a very special Sunday as we celebrate Easter and our 2nd Anniversary of Spirit rising through us to create this beautiful Spiritual Center.

We’re continuing our April Series, “I Release & I Let Go!” The empowering path of surrender.

EASTER SUNDAY MESSAGE, 10:00 am:  “Transcend and Rise Triumphant!”  Surrender Your Limiting Beliefs.

We teach that we are the Divine Essence of Spirit in form, yet we may not feel we are living such a magnificent life.  Holding on to limiting beliefs, those created and clung to by our egoic mind, can make us feel safe in our cave but in the long run, they hold us trapped and keep us from achieving the life we desire.  We will look at ways we can finally begin to surrender the beliefs that entomb our desires and keep us from soaring in the direction of our dreams.

Special Live music by Gary Lynn Floyd

Peace & Blessings,

Rev Jill

Who’s Making the Calls in Your Life?

“Right decisions await your discovery of them. They are already in your mind.”   Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Decision

We are wrapping up our series… The Metaphysics of Baseball just as our spring training season is coming to an end in Arizona! This is the final week of the pre-season games with the regular season of 162 games beginning next Saturday.

Our talk tomorrow: “Who’s Making the Calls in Your Life?” If you’ve ever watched a baseball game, you may have witnessed some of the creative calls that the umpires sometimes make. Challenging those calls and decisions seems to be a staple of the game; for the fans to boo them and to watch managers and players argue and sometimes even get thrown out of the game!

Sunday we’re looking at the power of decisions and who is making the decisions that determine the balls, strikes and outs of your life. Are they boo worthy or right on? We’ll discover ways we can make better calls and empower infinite possibilities in our daily lives through inspired decision making.

Meditation begins at 9:40, Service at 10:00. Music by Rene Morgan Brooks.

Love, Rev Jill

Consciously Surrendering to our Divinity

Life sometimes has a way of causing us to forget our inherent Divinity, the Power and Light that shines within us.  It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day mini-drama’s all around us, but what if we just surrendered to the fact that we are Divine and life is unfolding just as it should?

We’ll explore these ideas not only as they relate to our individual self but how seeing the light in ourselves we can then see the light in others.

Live music by Sherry Finzer

See you Sunday!

Love, Rev Jill

Practicing the Principles: Who’s Making the Calls?

  1. Make Peace. Inside and outside yourself.  “Peace is an inner sate of calm so complete nothing can disturb it” and when we are there, the peace I’m talking about, is accompanied by a consciousness of Power – Empowerment, Feeling of One, and no thing can disturb us.
  2. There are no wrong decisions. It’s only what we think about them that makes them wrong.It’s our perspective and interpretation that can be wrong.  Rather than doubt or criticize ourselves for the decision, choose to bless it and make a new one.  Then focus on that, the right-ness of the new decision rather than the perceived wrongness of the old.
  3. We aren’t special! “The Universe has no favorites.” The law does not alter its nature to accommodate us, we must alter our perspective, belief and thinking to accommodate it.  If we want a different experience that what we are having now we must believe and BE DIFFERENT

April Series: I Release & I Let Go! The Empowering Path of Surrender

We usually think of surrender as weakness, giving up, being a failure.  But what if it is actually a path to peace.  The idea of surrender in the spiritual sense is of course surrendering our struggle and what no longer serves us in order to create space for what does.  We surrender to the higher wisdom within us, the Presence of God.  Even so, the idea of surrender can still present challenges for some of us and this month we are going to look at areas of our lives where surrender could be the most inspiring and healing path to our personal transformation and peace of mind.

Surrender to Love

April 2nd talk is “Surrender to Love” as we launch our series, “I Release & I Let Go!”

Ernest Holmes tells us in the Science of Mind that “Love alone can overcome fear because love surrenders itself to the object of its adoration.”  We have been taught to fear each other rather than to experience our natural state of being which is love.  Love is who we have come to be in this expression but through experience we’ve learned to fear.  Today we will look at letting go of resistance and fear and surrendering into the love at the center of our being.

Live music by Lee Lee Roberts

Love, Rev Jill

Practicing the Principles: Surrender to Love

  1. Preparation – get yourself ready to get ready. Start your day the spiritual way, center yourself in love and set your intention to BE LOVE before you start the activities of your day.
  1. Desire. “Desire is the voice of Spirit in you, trying to indicate that the thing you desire is already on its way to you.” Use the questions, ask yourself, when faced with difficult or challenging situations “what would love do” and what do I need to do to choose love in this situation?  When we stimulate our desire for change, the Universe will provide what we need.
  1. Trust: “When we learn to trust the universe, we shall be happy prosperous and well.” Through practice saying, “I’m choosing to be love, what is my choice here?” and watching and doing what shows up, we develop trust.  In this way we achieve freedom.
  1. Faith: “A mental attitude so inwardly embodied that the mind can no longer deny it.”  It just is.  When we have the faith of God (Holmes) it is a power within us that will change our lives.  We build faith through trust, desire and preparation.