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October 2017 Theme: Doorways to Prosperity - 5 Keys to Building a Prosperous Life

As we enter Fall in Arizona it’s time to unlock any of the doors to prosperity that may be blocking our way.  This month we will explore prosperity and uncover what we truly believe about achieving a prosperous life.  Celebrated prosperity author, Edwene Gains defines prosperity as “a vitally alive physical body, relationships that are satisfying, work that we love and all the money we can spend.”

We will explore 5 keys to living a truly prosperous life, one sourced by an Infinite well of creativity and is not limited simply to money.  We will look at areas of our experience where we may be feeling as if we’re blocked by a locked door and discover some amazing spiritual truths that will provide the key to some of life’s most stubborn locks.  Join us for Bring a Friend Month at Scottsdale Center for Spiritual Living as we delve deeply into the spiritual and metaphysical principles of success and abundance to experience a prosperous life.

Sunday, October 1st, 2017:
Acceptance and Receiving
with Rev Jill Clements

The spiritual teachings of the world tell us of the abundant nature of the universe.  We can look out our windows and see Nature’s bounty, yet when it comes down to it, we sometime aren’t able to receive the gift, the eternal givingness of God. We will look at many of the reasons for this and discover ways that we can in fact become better receivers of God’s Good blessings.

Live music by Glenn Swain

Sunday, October 8th, 2017:
Making Peace with Money 
with Rev Karen Russo

Too many long time spiritual seekers struggle with fear, overwhelm, guilt, and upset with money.  These challenges—even when subtle—block us from fully sharing our gifts. Rev. Karen shares a fresh perspective on money and our spiritual expression.  You’ll discover your current answer to ‘What’s the Money For?’ and learn 2 weekly prosperity practices, Money Monday and Faithful Friday, that keep you focused and faithful in your abundance.

Live music by Craig Haley

Sunday, October 15th, 2017:
The Power of Ten with Rev Jill Clements

The Prosperity laws of Tithing have been proven over and over and yet many do not practice this simple act for achieving abundant financial circulation in their lives.  We will explore what it is, how to do it and hear from those who practice this ancient spiritual law and what it means in their lives.

Live music by Amy Faithe

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017:
Directing Your Faith 
with Rev Jill Clements

The Power in Goal Setting. Having a road map is crucial for any trip we start, we need to know where we are going. The same is true of our life. Spirit is always giving to us through the power of the law which works for us, but we have to – get to, direct it. Spirit doesn’t make decisions for us, we’ve been given that great gift of choice. This is why backing our prayer treatments with the energy of our faith is the key to manifestation. Join us and learn the keys to discovering your desires and supporting them with the power of faith.

Live music by Les Koel
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Sunday, October 29th, 2017:
Firing the Judge for Peace of Mind 
with Rev Jill Clements

Are you harboring negative judgment about a person or situation that happened? If so, this could be a locked door in your life. There is a mysterious power in choosing to forgive. It’s definitely not something that just happens, we have to actively choose it and walk through it day by day until the healing begins. Spiritual forgiveness is our final key to building a prosperous life.

Live music by Mirabai and Steve Bangs.
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